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Logo Story
At Quagnitia we believe in Growing Together. So much that our philosophy is ingrained in the logo too. The four men stand for Customer, Company, Co-worker and Community and this itself speaks for our philosophy. For us success is only achieved when these four elements flourish. Hence We Grow only if You Grow. Company Profile
S. Gavade
Chairman & Managing Director

Gavade is a co-founder of Quagnitia. It is his values, vision and strategy that have helped in growing and positioning the company as a global software solutions and service provider. He has played a crucial role in creating business development opportunities, building long-term customer relationships, and taking new initiatives for quality and processes.

Gavade did his post graduation in computers, and has extensive work experience in software engineering and quality processes.
Vikram M. Nahar
Director - HR and Finance

It is Vikram's sharp business acumen and insight into financial aspects that have been the key drivers in strengthening the company's financial assets. Although Vikram is largely responsible for financial planning, analysis and investor relations, he and his team keenly examine planning, budgeting, performance, management and reporting under the financial scanner.

Vikram is also Quagnitia's face for all finance-related communications with investors and industry analysts. With over 9 years of experience in various fields of business, Finance, Human Resources or Purchase he plans the roadmap for Quagnitia.

Vikram received his Bachelors in Engineering from MIT, Pune.
Amulay Prakash
Director - Global Delivery, Quagnitia

Amulay, a co-founder is responsible for all the deliveries (products and services) in Quagnitia. His expertise lies in creating a motivated workforce and an execution culture to deliver world class solutions as per schedules and budgets. He also plays a pivotal role in ensuring that quality is institutionalized at grass-root levels of the company.

He holds a degree in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.
Mangalya Pratap
Director - Business Development, Quagnitia

Mangalya is responsible for the identification, pursuit and generation of new business opportunities and expanding the clientele at Quagnitia. Fostering customer relationships and ensuring their needs are timely met, Mangalya has given 'Customer Satisfaction' a whole new dimension at Quagnitia. He pulls out all plugs in ensuring that the company's revenue targets are exceeded and there are absolutely no compromises for meeting the goals. Beyond the workplace, Mangalya is a die-hard supporter of the environment as well as a wildlife conservation activist.

Mangalya has a post-graduate degree in computer management. He is a part of Quagnitia's core management team.
Milesh Bothara
Director- Operations, Quagnitia

Milesh, a sharp-witted professional and an avid sports enthusiast plays the key role in managing the day-to-day operations of Quagnitia. In addition to this, he is also responsible for building the company’s global service capabilities and for ensuring world-class standards delivery.

Milesh has a graduation degree in computers, and is a member of Quagnitia's core management team.
Quick Facts
Established in May 2000.
Headquarter and main development center are located at Pune, India.
Strength of 50+ qualified and experienced developers.
An ISO 9001 certified company. Customers in more than ten countries.
Representatives and partners in the United States, Canada, U.K, Thailand and Australia.
Technology partnership with Microsoft, IBM.
2 years roadmap for CMMi and Six Sigma.