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    I totally believe that a greater client focus leads to success and that's exactly the key to Quagnitia's feat. No wonder we are totally committed towards our clients and continually strive to build an ever-lasting relationship with them. We nurture this association with our continuous support, quality services and timely delivery. In fact we measure our success through our customer's success and satisfaction. For us, nothing's more important than a 'well done' from our clients and their customers.    

Mangalya Pratap
Director - Business Development
ESC, Inc., Nevada, USA
Compbiz, Inc., Florida, USA
Skytrikes, Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia
Ksys Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Salsven Limited, London, UK
Synergic Systems, Hong Kong
GCS, Technologies, Inc., Texas, USA.
Cello, India.
AUTOFOTO express, Inc., New York, USA
Appointment Search, Inc., California, USA
ProcessGuru, Inc., California, USA
Skill Hire Pty Ltd., WA, Australia
My Security Plan LLC, California, USA
Proactive Internet Solutions, Pennsylvania, USA
Quick Facts
Customers in more than ten countries.
80% clients repeat business.
Current customer satisfaction index 75% (CSI).
Satisfied clients turned into business partners.
Top clients have stayed with Quagnitia since inception.
Diversified client base from different domains like Infrastructure, Manufacturing, CRM, Service Industry etc.